blossom is a way for two parties to exchange anything of value using simple digital agreements set by user-defined rules.

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Joe Gardner

Co-Founder and President


Chris Mertens

Co-Founder and CEO




CryptaLabrynthium (CRL)

Data Encryption

The CRL encryption method is the most powerful form of data security in the world. It encrypts with key lengths far greater than 4096 bits and does so more quickly and more efficiently than current standards. blossom uses this encryption to secure every individual action made on the blossom network allowing our users to feel safe in performing any activity on our platform.

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Ameren Accelerator Program

Business Development

blossom was part of the first-ever Ameren Accelerator program during the summer of 2017. From July through October, we actively worked with Ameren, UMSL, and Capital Innovators to successfully take blossom from an idea to a reality. We are grateful to all of the amazing people who helped us throughout the program, and we're excited to keep building on the strong foundation we have established.